"We want our music to break your heart and make you giggle at the same time because life tends to be that way."

Strutting in from a large music loving family in Namibia, Mikiros Garoes took a big leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles to attend the Musician’s Institute where she majored in vocals and sound engineering.  In 2008, Mikiros graduated MI and took a brief hiatus to pursue acting, which she credits for helping her develop her confidence as an artist but even more so as a flamboyant live performer.


Michigan native, Loren Barnese, was always an eccentric, out-of-the-box thinker with an extensive imagination and remains evident in the music she creates today.  At 18, she abandoned her plans to study business at Western Michigan University to move to New York City.  After completing her studies at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, she packed her bags moved to Los Angeles to study at the Musician’s Institute in 2012.

“We met through a mutual friend.” Mikiros reflects.  

“It was crazy, we were jamming together and there was instant chemistry—we spoke the same language.”

After writing a handful of songs together, they found some musicians and intensely rehearsed in a garage in the valley to prepare for their first show at Molly Malone’s.  Shortly after, the Kids stepped into the studio for the first time at Hollywood Audio Lab, steps away from the famous intersection of Hollywood & Vine.  As they continued to grow together as players, musicians, writers and performers, Loren decided to use the band as her final project where the Musician’s Institute awarded them for Outstanding Style